Gun Powder Therapy started out when a close friend and I visited the local range. He has prior military experience and I, just like to shoot. As we were finishing and stowing our equipment and ammo, he suddenly stated in a stress relieving voice “that was gun powder therapy.” That term caused me to research the benefit of recreational shooting. Gun Power therapy is therapeutic but the meaning can be different for everyone.

Turns out that going to a shooting range can be a stress- relieving adventure. The benefits of participating in shooting sports can improve your health both physically and mentally. Believe it or not, according to, shooting and meditation are one in the same. “You must focus intently, draw slow measured breaths, concentrate heavily on small muscles and repeat a series of physical actions,” hence the term Gun Powder Therapy. So go to the range and relieve some stress, I promise it will clear your mind and you will leave refreshed.

Not sure where to shoot? Go to, click on where to shoot, click on state or zip code and it will give you a list of ranges/clubs within a radius of your zip codes. Did you know that there are state run shooting ranges? Go to for a list of shooting ranges throughout the state of GA. This also gives you the ability to buy license to hunt, fish, and wildlife management areas.

So the next time you feel tensed or anxiety, go to the range! I promise you will feel a lot better afterward. Try different techniques. I normally do sit ups and jumping jacks to increase my heart rate. This simulates training under stress.